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24 x 24 bounding box · 1.5px stroke · SVG Format · 1328 icons + counting

Designed by  James @jamesm   +   Orman @ormanclark


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Iconic Pro a subscription?

Yes. The purchase of Iconic Pro is a yearly subscription. With an active subscription you gain instant access to all existing icons plus future icon releases, collections, and more.

How long will I receive icon updates?

New icons are added to the Iconic Pro icon library every week. You will have access to the current library at the time of purchase and any icons added in the following 12 months. After this, a new purchase is required to receive further icon updates.

How do I get access to Iconic Pro?

After successful purchase, you will automatically be given access to the Iconic Pro library via the Iconic app. You will also be issued a license key via email, which you can use to activate your purchase manually from your account settings.

How do I give my team access to the Iconic app?

After successfully purchasing any Iconic Pro team license, you will be issued a multi-seat license key via email. Team members can use this key to activate their account from their account settings.

Does access to the Iconic app expire?

Yes. Twelve months after purchasing Iconic Pro, your access to the Iconic app will expire. However, you are free to continue to any icons you have already downloaded. A new purchase is required to receive further icon updates and to continue to use the Iconic app.

Can I download all the Iconic Pro icons at once?

Yes. You can download the entire icon library at any time from the download link in the Iconic app header. We'll also send you the complete library via email along with your purchase receipt.

Can I download an invoice?

Yes. You can generate and download a tax invoice at any time. Please see your payment receipt for instructions.

Is there an Iconic Pro license agreement?

Yes. You can read the full license here.

Can I suggest new icons?

Yes! We're all ears. You can send us suggestions using this form. We're also @theiconicapp on Twitter.